Stone works


Also have told each other: we will do bricks and we will burn fire.
And steels at them bricks instead of stones.
(the Old testament. Life. Gl. 11-3)

If paramount point in an immemorial triad - to construct the house, to plant a tree, to grow up the son - it is already solved positively there is a new question: the structure should be made of what material: from a tree or a stone? Rather essential meditations, for it, certainly, a matter of taste. However, stone dwellings as we know from a history course, remain much longer, than wooden. Wooden houses at casual handling of lighters and matches are accustomed to burn.

And at times do it at the most inappropriate moment while the owner, suspecting nothing, easy look dreams on a sofa. Thus, centuries-old experience allows to find out that the brick is more noninflammable material. And stone houses look is more modern and especially urbanistichno though the history actually a brick totals many millenia.

If at you it is a lot of free time and absolutely there is no place to put whipping streams of energy - we will share the recipe of manufacturing of a brick-raw in almost house (zagorodno-country) conditions.

One our acquaintance of boredom for the sake of has decided to lift a country house, and for a summer has lifted it on a floor thanks to a self-made brick!

In the bare variant it looks so. Four absolutely unnecessary, waste plates (it is desirable not begun to rot) undertake and keep within on the earth so that between them the space of such size what you go was formed to receive a brick is a framework.

Thus it is necessary to consider that the initial material is more preferable for receiving in the form of accurately outlined rectangles or bruskov, instead of rhombuses, cones or, especially, polyhedrons! Formochek the identical size it should be maximum much that bricks was as much as possible. By the way, centuries-old experience tests reliability of the standard form of a brick, and we will leave it as a reality. If at you the desire to create was not gone - then we will continue.

The finding of correct clay will be the Following stage. The present building clay usually happens bordovo-red (so-called brick clay) or, less often, white colour.

However, to spend the second for building we do not advise, as from it remarkable graceful porcelain products which considerably surpass one brick on which manufacturing will leave, by our rough calculations of a material on pair good services in cost turn out. Red clay should be, "цшЁэющ" that is with sensation mylnosti in hands after washing of hands in water, and necessarily pure, without dirt impurity. The less clay contains impurity, the above on quality the product will turn out.

So, clay is found. It needs to be transferred on a building site preliminary equipped in special capacity for zameshivanija: in an ideal it is a concrete mixer or steel "трээр" in volume of 100 litres. There transport an ashes quantity - thin, without impurity of coal which will be used as softener. It is possible to replace ashes with cement. Mixing clay with water at constant stirring, pour there ashes. Good ashes will instantly mix up with a clay solution and will completely disappear in it. As armature at brick manufacturing small cut straw - 5-8 sm, - vmeshannaja in clay weight is sometimes applied.

Someone from fans-builders adds in the received weight egg yolks and salt for a design fortress. (Pepper to strew it is useless!) but this matter of taste. As proportions in this case too establish the master exclusively "эр уырч". Having seen foam, do not remove it is quality of a brick it will not be lost! A consistence approximately very dense test.

At vymeshivanii clay in a bath hands, instead of a shovel, hands should be constantly wet that clay did not stick to them, - differently in some hours of such work, with nasohshej tjazhelennoj a clay burden on hands, you we will get at the best fine muscles bodi-bildingista, and in the worst disgust for stone works and building in general and an umbilical hernia in addition. (All of us advise in the absence of a concrete mixer better not to suffer and buy a ready brick).

Zamesiv very dense homogeneous weight, safely spread it in in advance prepared board forms and leave on drying, accurately having cut off from above the surpluses which have remained over a wooden framework. If want, that it has turned out teploizoljatsionnyj a brick, do in it holes, as in an ordinary red brick. It is possible to stick a finger, with the last bit of strength, keeping within to sunbathe after heavy work. In a solar flying weather you with success for some days dry such here bricks-raws and simultaneously in plenty sunbathe.

Dried bruski burn in the furnace at a heat - from 800 degrees of Celsius. After fiery processing they get necessary qualities: durability, vodoizoljatsionnye properties, soundproofing and frost resistance raises. Having cooled bricks a little, start to conduct a laying accurately. Without having at the order the furnace giving demanded temperatures, it is possible to be limited, of course, to a raw - after all in the south built and at all mud huts of the bound rods, covered with a thick layer of the clay whitewashed outside for aesthetic pleasure. But the brick processed by roasting nevertheless is more preferable.

However, we believe, of such brick built buildings during antiquated times our far ancestors. About it, protogenic "шёъѕёё=тхээюь ърьэх" it is told in quoted in the beginning of our narration of a part of the Bible. That Babel tower that has served as the reason of quarrels of many народ0строителей which, having taken offence against each other has been constructed of it, began to speak on different, not clear uninitiated, languages.

Have decided to make bricks own hands? Gallant! Even if it will turn out krivovatym and crooked - it doesn't matter, experience comes in due course! Train! Besides, in any case, holiday will spend knowingly: will be what to tell to friends.

So, be reserved by bricks - and forward!