Actions for safety precautions on buildings


Modern building sites represent vysokomehanizirovannoe manufacture in which tens specialised building and assembly organisations participate, on objects apply the combined methods of conducting works. That in these difficult conditions to provide safety of work, it is necessary to carry out all works, being guided by the project of manufacture of works.

Actions for work safety precautions on buildings, are directed on creation of safe working conditions, as constantly working on a building site, so temporarily working on it.

Building Territory in settlements protect in order to avoid an easy approach on it of extraneous persons. The under construction objects located in occupied places along streets, proezdov and passes of the general using, protect a fence. If a fence establish close from under construction object it do with a protective peak over a place of pass of people.

The Territory of building and workplaces should be shined enough.

Building sites equip with sanitary-household and sanitary-and-hygienic premises which have on a platform taking into account the minimum transitions from them to work places.

In building territory arrange vnutriploshchadochnye roads, and places of passes and proezdov designate indexes. The zones dangerous to movement, protect or expose on their borders precautionary inscriptions and signals, visible day and night.

Passes for the workers, located on ledges, slopes and slopes with a bias more 20° equip with step-ladders or ladders with a unilateral handrail. In transition places through ditches, trenches do bridges in width not less 0,6м with a handrail in height 1м.

Cars and the equipment place on a platform so that not to block up passes, liftings. By cars and mechanisms the adaptations providing safety of work should be established. Special attention thus turn on a protection of moving parts of mechanisms. The alarm system by cars should be in good repair. By cars and in a zone of their work hang out precautionary inscriptions, signs, posters and safety rules.

At use on building of tower cranes watch serviceability kranovyh ways. A condition of ways daily check, in due time them repair. Idle cranes should be fixed antijoy ride devices and are disconnected from power supply sources.

For protection of people against defeat by an electric current time electric installations and networks on building carry out with the isolated wire, it suspend at height not less 2,4м over workplaces, 3,5м over passes and 5 prodrivings. Building cars and mechanisms, electric motors, starting devices and other devices on building which can appear energised, earth according to the confirmed instructions on an electrosecurity.

All installations which are energised, supply with the inscriptions warning about danger. To work with the electrified and pneumatic tools the persons who passed inservice training and have seized rules of work with them are supposed only.

Masons and assemblers at height should work in the tested and checked up safety belts. To perform works at height from woods, podmostej, cradles it is authorised tolks after check of these means podmashchivanija proizvoditelel works or the master.

At electrowelding works workplaces of welders, electricity cables and an electric equipment should be protected. On protections hang out precautionary posters and inscriptions. Electric equipment cases, and also welded designs and elements earth.

It is forbidden to conduct welding works in immediate proximity from inflammable and easily flammable materials: gasoline, kerosene, a tow, a shaving.

At height welding works are authorised to be conducted, after measures against ignition of floorings and falling of the fused metal on working or passing in the bottom of people will be taken.

At a wind of 6 points and stop stone and installation works at height and in open places more. Also do not allow to work at height at ice, a thunder-storm, a fog reducing visibility.

Workplaces of masons and assemblers should be protected from blows of lightnings. With that end in view arrange grounding molniepriemniki (lightning rods) which have above the highest parts of a skeleton not less than on 6м. Serviceability of grounding check not less often than an once in a month.

All persons occupied on civil and erection works, should be trained receptions of rendering of the first pre-medical help at defeat of the person by an electric current. Irrespective of a state of health of the victim it is necessary to call the doctor immediately.

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Actions for safety precautions on buildings