the Actions spent during the period of thawing of a laying


Sharp decrease in durability and stability of a laying, considerable deformativnost it, non-uniformity of thawing and deposits, characteristic for a winter laying in thawing and tverdenija. Therefore in thaw watch a condition of designs in due time to take necessary measures and to provide high quality of a construction.

The Actions connected with thawing of a laying, are reduced to the following. Upon termination of a laying of each floor establish control rejki and on them observe within winter and spring for osadkoj walls. Before warming strengthen racks trailing walls and crosspieces flight more 2,5м, podklinivaja racks. The time racks supporting walls or overlappings in their thawing, should have besides wedges cross-section linings from wood of soft breeds (an aspen, a pine) which could be rumpled at a deposit of walls across fibres. Before approach of thaw the horizontal furrows, not closed up nests put a brick.

With approach of warm weather from overlappings clean the building dust, unnecessary materials, raskrepljajut in a cross-section direction freely standing columns, piers and the walls which height exceeds their thickness more than six times.

In thawing of the laying which have been laid out in the way of freezing, and also at its artificial warming up constantly observe of the most intense designs: check integrity of a laying of these sites (columns, piers, support under strongly loaded runs, interfaces of walls and a place opiranija timberings of crosspieces).

For the thawing control, and tverdenija a solution in laying seams from this a solution on which stone designs were erected, control samples-cubes produce and store them in the same conditions in what there is a laying. On a condition of samples judge durability of a laying.

Of a laying condition observe during all period of thawing and the subsequent tverdenija. At occurrence in a laying of cracks or at a deviation of designs from a vertical immediately take measures to prevention of the further deformations, on strengthening of reintense designs. All actions for maintenance of stability of a winter laying should be carried out also at laying thawing on solutions with chemical additives.

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