Assembly adaptations


Assembly devices and adaptations serve for capture (stropovki) lifted designs, their time fastening and adjustment, the organisation of a workplace of assemblers.

Gruzozahvatnye of the device are intended for stropovki elements (details) and their fastening to a hook of the assembly mechanism. Slings concern them from the steel ropes which ends are equipped by hooks or koushami; captures for stropovki designs which have no assembly loops; traverses for lifting krupnorazmernyh elements.

Adaptations for time fastening and adjustment of the designs established into place: single and group conductors, podkosy, clamps.

Adaptations for the organisation of a workplace of assemblers and maintenance of safe working conditions: inventory podmosti, ladders, elements of protections, racks, containers.

The Most widespread type separate inventory podmostej, calculated on easy moving and repeated use, - mobile platforms (fig. 117. Produce block platforms and telescopic that allows to change height of level of a working platform if necessary. The inventory platform-step-ladder concerns the same type podmostej (fig. 117,) for the assembler and the welder, and also little tables-step-ladders in height 0,75... 0,9м.

Assembly podmosti: and - a mobile platform, - a platform-step-ladder

a Fig. 117. Assembly podmosti :
And - a mobile platform, - a platform-step-ladder

To the message between floors of a building in installation of designs apply inventory ladders with poruch njami (fig. 118. Before installation constant perilnyh protections on ladder marches and platforms establish vre mennye inventory protections (fig. 118, 6); them attach clamps directly to ferro-concrete elements.

Assembly adaptations: and - an inventory ladder, - a time protection on a ladder

a Fig. 118. Assembly adaptations :
And - an inventory ladder, - a time protection on a ladder

Thus, protect apertures in interfloor overlappings and on an overlapping contour on border zahvatok. At apertures it is possible to establish inventory protections on racks (fig. 119. Open doorways in walls and window apertures also temporarily close inventory lattices (fig. 119,). The Same protections (fig. 119,) put at inputs in liftovye mines.

Inventory protections: and - apertures in overlapping, - a window aperture, in - exits in liftovuju mine

a Fig. 119. Inventory protections :
And - apertures in overlapping, - a window aperture, in - exits in liftovuju mine

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