Balcony plates


Installation of balcony plates start on all length zahvatki after erection of walls and overlapping packing over a floor. Installation begin with installation majachnyh plates along the edges zahvatki. For this purpose mark on overlapping and fix risks position of a balcony plate. On the subsequent floors position risok in addition supervise on a balcony of an underlaying floor, using for this purpose a plumb. After installation majachnyh plates, pull a cord-prichalku. On their external top edge, for length of all zahvatki, and on it establish other plates. Plates stropujut usually four-vetvevym sling. Rastvornuju bed level kelmoj, without leading up on 20... 30мм to a wall sawn-off shotgun.

Balcony plates are stacked by two assemblers, supervising correctness of lowering of a plate on risks and a cord-prichalke. The plate should be laid horizontally or with a small bias by the free end. Horizontal position of a plate check, stacking a rule with level in two mutually perpendicular directions. At a bias in a longitudinal direction a plate lift and lower anew, having replaced rastvornuju bed. A bias towards a building eliminate at installation of time racks or draughts.

Time fastenings (fig. 137, plate packings establish right after. For this purpose racks 2 put on a balcony of an underlaying floor and, using screw rasporkoj, prop up a mounted plate 1. Plate position regulate, changing length of a rack tension muftoj. On a hook of the assembly mechanism the plate remains suspended to full installation of time fastening and before plate position will be definitively verified, and mortgage details will be welded on anchors.

Balcony plates krepjat usually, welding, steel cores to assembly loops of plates of overlapping and a balcony (fig. 137.

Installation of a balcony plate: and - time fastening of a balcony plate podkosom, - welding of details of fastening, in - arrangement; 1 - a balcony plate, 2 - a rack

a Fig. 137. Installation of a balcony plate :
And - time fastening of a balcony plate podkosom, - welding of details of fastening, in - arrangement;
1 - a balcony plate, 2 - a rack

Ferro-concrete crosspieces block window and doorways. Them stack on rastvornuju bed after end of a laying of piers. Flight to 2м masons stack ordinary (not bearing) crosspieces manually. Bearing crosspieces stropujut dvuhvetvevym a sling for assembly loops also establish the crane. At packing of crosspieces supervise accuracy of their installation on vertical marks, horizontal position and depth zadelki the ends (opiranija on walls).

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