Building labour process


Building process (erections) of object, name building manufacture. Its structure includes a number of civil and erection works.

Building and installation works is a complex of the works which are carried out on a building site (object) which result are the erected designs of a building and a construction. Civil and erection works represent a number of the building labour processes which are carried out with reference to concrete and continuously varying conditions for the purpose of reception of building production, i.e. Ready buildings or constructions. simple labour processes are carried out by workers of one trade, difficult - simultaneously workers of various trades. For example, the link of masons carries out simple process - conducts a laying, and the complex brigade consisting not only from masons, but also from working other trades, - difficult (complex) building process - puts up brick walls of a building.

Depending on appointment building labour processes happen: the basic, auxiliary and transport. To the basic to processes concern such as a result of which performance, parts of constructions or designs are created, i.e. Building production. To auxiliary to processes concern such with which help building production is not created, but they are necessary for performance of the basic processes; to transport - works on moving of materials and ready details to under construction object and to a workplace. The transport processes which are carried out at preparation of materials and details on workplaces, name also procuring.

Building labour process is a set of operations.

Working operation is a part of building process at which do not vary a subject, instruments of labour and a cast. Operation as the elementary organizational not delimaja and technologically homogeneous work does not give finished production, but the brick apportion on a wall is necessary for its reception, for example. Workers-builders should carry out a number of operations consistently one for another or even to combine them in one continuous process, to execute any kind of works.

Working operations and building labour processes happen mechanised and manual. So to dig trenches it is possible a dredge (the mechanised process) and manually; to put mastichnuju isolation on an isolated surface - manually brushes and in the mechanised way - a dusting by means of a compressor atomizer.

the Mechanized works, carried out both with partial, and with complex mechanisation. The In a complex-mechanised works are the works which are carried out by the complete set of cars, mechanisms and the installations providing mechanisation all heavy and labour-intensive processes and picked up so that as a result of their teamwork the highest was reached for modern level of technics labour productivity. For example, digging of a foundation ditch by a dredge with ground loading in autodump-body trucks and the subsequent moving of a ground to an autodump-body truck sailing - the in a complex-mechanised process.

Radical increase technical and an economic level of building manufacture, achievement of the highest labour productivity is possible only at building realisation by industrial methods. As building industrialisation understand the organisation of building manufacture with application of the in a complex-mechanised processes of erection of buildings and constructions and progressive methods of building with wide use of modular designs of high degree of factory readiness.

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