Butobetonnaja a laying


Butobetonnaja the laying on properties takes an intermediate place between concrete and butovoj a laying. Durability butobetonnoj layings depends mainly on durability of concrete entering into its structure. If butobetonnuju a laying to erect a freezing method in thawing its durability will be almost equal to zero. Therefore freezing butobetona is supposed only after durability of concrete in it reaches 50 % from design mark of concrete 150 (a class of Century 10) and not less than 7,5 MPa.

Butobetonnuju carry out a laying in the ways which provide accumulation by durability concrete in the set limits before its freezing in the winter. For this purpose apply a way of a thermos which use at performance of great volumes of works, and electrowarming up.

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Butobetonnaja a laying

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