Butobetonnaja a laying


Butobetonnaja a laying consists of a concrete mix, in which horizontal numbers vtaplivajut butovye stones "шч¦ь" which volume makes almost half of total amount of a laying. For butobetonnoj layings use stones of the same sizes, as well as for butovoj. At the same time the cross-section size of stones should not exceed 1 / 3 width of an erected design. The bulyzhnyj stone is authorised to be applied not split.

The Concrete mix and stones stack consistently horizontal layers: at first spread a layer of a concrete mix in the thickness no more 25см, then in it vtaplivajut a number of stones (on depth not less than half of height of stones). Between vtapli-vaemymi stones, and also between stones and a timbering leave intervals 4... 6см. After vtaplivanija stones again stack a layer of a concrete mix and condense with its vibrating, further laying process repeat. The concrete mix for a laying should have the mobility, corresponding a deposit of a reference cone on 5... 7см, and krupnost some rubble or gravel in it should not exceed 3см.

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Butovaja a laying

Butobetonnaja a laying

the Organization of works at erection butovyh and butobetonnyh the bases

Rules of performance of a laying and the requirement to its quality