Calculation of the size of an allotment


At erection of walls of buildings each link of masons works on the allotment. The quantity of allotments and their sizes establish depending on labour input of a laying and replaceable development of links. The sizes of allotments count so that the working did not constrain each other and that the link had not to pass during change with other allotments. The condition usually start with that for change the laying on an allotment should be erected to circle height (1... 1.2м). Thus the floor should share on an integer of circles. Taking into account these conditions the sizes of allotments, for example, for simple walls in the thickness 2 bricks are recommended for a link "фтющър" in the length 13... 20м, for a link "я =хЁър" - 24 … 30м.

The Sizes of allotments for a link count under the formula: /= T ( ahN), where / - length of an allotment, m. T - the general operating time in change, foreheads-ch.; and - a thickness of a wall, m; h - circle height, m.; N - norm of time on 1м 3 layings, foreheads-ch.

At arrangement of working links, allotments for them should be measured a little bolshej the length received under the formula. Otherwise masons at an overfulfillment of norms will stand idle in the end of change.

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