Various buildings and constructions (structure) happen industrial and cultural and community. Structures which consist basically of the premises intended for residing, industrial or other activity of people, name buildings. The structures having special technical appointment, name constructions. In them also there can be premises for people, however these premises do not define a construction functional purpose. Many of such structures name engineering constructions. For example: bridges, masts, dams, tunnels, water intaking constructions, sluices.

Buildings to destination subdivide: inhabited, public and industrial. Condominiums concern residential buildings for constant residing of people, hotel and a hostel for residing during work or study term.

Public buildings are intended for social service of the population and placing of administrative agencies and public organisations (shops, cinemas, polyclinics etc.).

Industrial buildings serve for placing industrial and agricultural manufactures and maintenance of necessary conditions for work of people and process equipment operation. Industrial cases of factories and factories, the enterprises of transport, power, workshops, garages, depot concern industrial buildings, compressor. To agricultural buildings, - intended for satisfaction of industrial needs of agriculture, for example: korovniki, hen houses, vegetable storehouses and granaries.

Any building has an underground part which is located below sidewalk or otmostki, and land.

The Premises which floors settle down at one level, form a floor. Floors of the land part, which floors are at level otmostki or above, are called as land. Floors of the underground part, which floors are below level otmostki, are called as socle if more low otmostki it is located no more than half of height of premises, and basement if more low otmostki buildings is more than half of height of a premise. The premises arranged in a garret part of a building, are called as mansard.

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