Applying this way, butovyj a stone stack without preliminary heating, but each stone clear of snow and naledi. The temperature of a concrete mix should be such that the temperature of the mix laid in a design by the time of electrowarming up inclusion was not more low 10°Р. In a stacked mix, immerse electrodes which then connect to mains voltage.

Electrodes place in a laying differently. The arrangement of groups of electrodes across the base in teplotehnicheskom the relation is more effective, but in this case is impossible them oborachivaemost. Besides, electrodes disturb to packing buta. Therefore heating conduct usually by means of the electrodes sewed on an internal surface of a timbering.

Irrespective of a way of keeping of a laying at positive temperature (before acquisition of the set durability) a basis condition on which stack a concrete mix, and also a way of its packing, should exclude possibility of freezing of a concrete mix in a joint with the basis.

A laying Layer in a place of a joint before packing of a concrete mix warm (temperature should be not more low 2°Р) and protect from freezing before acquisition by a concrete mix of demanded durability.

Quality of concrete at the device of the bases supervise, regularly checking mobility of a mix and correctness of a dosage of knitting substance and fillers.

Besides, take temperature of a concrete mix at packing and watch a temperature mode tverdenija concrete. For this purpose in a laying leave nests with stoppers that it was possible to establish the thermometer in the middle of a laying and at a surface. Also define durability of control samples of concrete.

The Data about methods and keeping terms butobetonnoj a laying and samples of concrete for the control of its durability, about temperature of a laying and a thermal mode of its keeping registers the control of temperatures which show at taking-over of works.

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