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The Safety precautions are a system of organizational and technical actions and the means preventing influence on working dangerous production factors.

Responsible for safety precautions condition - masters and construction superintendents within the sites of work charged to it. The management of a labour safety, its maintenance and responsibility for its condition assign to chief engineers and chiefs of buildings, and also on specially appointed workers of service of safety precautions. It is entrusted to Technical officers, not only to provide the safe organisation of manufacture, training and supply of workers by overalls and individual defence means, but to carry out the control over application and correct use of overalls and protective adaptations, behind observance of safety precautions regulations.

The Industrial trauma is a non-observance of safety requirements of work on manufacture. For successful struggle against a traumatism it is necessary to develop and carry out in due time actions for liquidation of its reasons.

The Traumatism on a building site can be caused that workers do not observe a personal security mode at performance of works:

  • insufficiently well own safe receptions of works;
  • the technology established by the project of manufacture of works is broken;
  • working are not provided by means of an individual defence or incorrectly them use, protective protections by cars and mechanisms, and also the devices necessary for safe performance of building process are not established.

So, the mason applying wrong receptions of a grasp and packing of a brick, can damage fingers of hands. If on woods, podmostjah and step-ladders there are no protections, workers from them can fall. A stage overloaded with materials, can fall. Absence of the protective peaks, the brick left on a wall, the tool, zahlamlennost a workplace - all it can lead to a trauma. At installation of designs accident can occur because of malfunction of lifting adaptations, wrong stropovki designs, absence of protective devices, the equipment and the tool. Infringement of technology of installation of designs, wrong the alarm system and receptions of works, any infringement of safety precautions regulations and manufacture of works can lead to serious consequences. That it does not happen, it is necessary to observe strictly rules of safe performance of works on building object and on each workplace.

All accidents on manufacture with loss by the victim of work capacity more than for one working day register. The certificate is made by the manufacturer of works together with the inspector on a labour safety and the engineer under safety precautions. Objective revealing of accident causes, accurate and correct performance of the certificate are of great importance as for working out of actions for the prevention of similar cases, and for registration of the grant to the victim.

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