the Documentation on manufacture of works on building


Civil and erection works at building of buildings and constructions carry out on the working drawings developed according to the confirmed project.

The Project the cores technological, building and architecturally-planirovochnye develop to establish decisions, to define budget cost of building, technical and economic indicators of projected object.

Working drawings, as a project component, intend to give exhaustive explanatories of the accepted technical decisions in the form of plans, cuts, assembly diagrammes, detalirovochnyh drawings of separate constructive elements of buildings. On working drawings produce modular designs and products for under construction buildings and constructions; mount buildings and constructions from modular elements or erect on a place from building materials of a design; carry out all civil and erection works on building.

Working drawings name the image of buildings and constructions in scale with the necessary sizes, allowing to erect them in nature. At performance of stone works use poetazhnymi plans, cuts, assembly diagrammes and specifications.

Poetazhnye plans represent a horizontal cut of a building at level of windows and doors. On plans of brick buildings specify: a thickness of external and internal walls, partitions; the sizes of premises in cleanliness; width window both doorways; a site and the sizes of smoke and ventilating channels; a binding of bearing walls to coordination axes of a building.

Cuts are images of a building, mentally rassechennogo a vertical plane usually on a staircase. On cuts of brick buildings specify: depth and a mark zalozhenija the bases; height of premises, window and doorways; marks of level of the laid crosspieces, interfloor overlappings, ladder marches and platforms.

Assembly diagrammes are drawings for packing of modular designs in design position. On schemes specify marks of modular elements, their quantity and a binding to coordination axes of a building.

In working drawings specifications in which specify quantity of demanded materials and details in this or that constructive element, the data about requirement for details and designs on a building or a construction as a whole are given.

the estimate Project , working drawings and the projects of manufacture of works developed on their basis are engineering specifications on building and manufacture of civil and erection works on constructed object.

the Project of manufacture of works , develop on each building object. The project is developed and for slightly same, interconnected objects, for example, apartment houses. Make the project on the basis of working drawings taking into account the project of the organisation of building as a whole.

In the project of manufacture of works specify ways of performance of the basic works and the organisation of manufacture of works on the given object. Into its structure enter:

  • the planned schedule of manufacture of works on object; the schedule of receipt of building materials on object, designs, details and half-finished products;

  • the train diagramme of workers by trades;

  • the schedule of work of assembly cranes and other basic building cars;

  • a building general layout of object and technological cards on difficult kinds of works and the works which are carried out by new methods (on other kinds of works make schemes of their manufacture or use typical technological cards).

These cards contain the most expedient economic, technological and organizational decisions. In them questions on in what sequence with what application of means of mechanisation and inventory devices, it is necessary to perform works are particularly solved.

In technological cards on manufacture of stone works result: work expenses in man-days on all amount of works. And also replaceable development in cubic metre, potrebnoe quantity of mashino-changes, numerical and qualifying structure of a brigade and links of masons, with instructions of schemes of division of a building, on zahvatki and allotments, arrangements podmostej, pallets with a brick and boxes with a solution, floor breakdowns on circles. In technological cards are reflected: the sheet of materials, cars, the tool, adaptations, the stock, necessary for laying performance.

And also the schedule of manufacture of civil work, instructions on fire-prevention safety and a labour safety.

the Building general layout (strojgenplan) is a scale scheme with display of an under construction building, places of placing of the open and closed warehouses, constant and time roads, the household premises, working cranes etc.

At building of brick buildings the tower crane establish from outside an external or domestic facade. In the operative range of the crane defined by a start of a hook, place platforms for warehousing of a brick, modular ferro-concrete products, solution reception etc. Lengthways priobektnogo a warehouse there passes time or constant road in width not less Z. 3,5м.

Office of the construction superintendent, household premises (locker rooms, per capita, premises for food intake, heating etc.) have out of a crane operative range, near to entrance on a building site.

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