facing Repair


At repair of buildings often it is necessary to replace disappearing part of an obverse laying. This work consists in dismantling of an obverse surface of an old laying and facing of a laying by a brick. A thickness of facing usually do 1 / 2 a brick. At such facing a new laying tie up with an old laying. For this purpose in an old laying after dismantling of its obverse surface through 4... 5 numbers hollow out faltering furrows depth 1 / 2 a brick in which then get tychkovye facing numbers. Disappearing part of a wall break and replace a facing brick from below upwards, covering each clearing 5... 10 numbers of the destroyed laying and revetting each time as much numbers new.

Laying Surfaces before facing clear of a dust and wash out to provide stronger coupling of facing with a laying. Intervals between lozhkovymi numbers of facing and a wall fill with a solution on a laying course. Before packing of each brick in the punched furrow, throw a part of a plastic solution.

At replacement of facing from plates at first assort old facing and cut down all roughnesses on a laying surface, and then restore facing, establishing plates the same receptions and in the same sequence, as at facing of ready walls by decent plates. At replacement of separate plates of facing new plates are recommended to be put on a solution which prepare on extending cement.

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facing Repair

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