Manufacture of works at negative temperature


With fall of temperature process tverdenija a cement mortal is slowed down, and at 0°Р. Practically stops. That the limy solution hardened, the damp environment and positive temperature are necessary. At fast freezing svezhevy-lozhennoj layings in seams the mix of knitting substance and sand, stsementirovannaja is formed by ice. The solution so quickly loses plasticity that horizontal seams remain insufficiently condensed; at thawing they embrace a gravity of an overlying laying that can cause considerable and non-uniform to a deposit and create threat of durability and stability of a laying.

At early freezing of a laying final durability of cement, cement-limy and cement-clay solutions which they get after thawing and 28-day tverdenija at positive temperature, considerably decreases and in certain cases does not exceed 50% of branded durability.

These circumstances cause necessity of observance of a certain mode of a winter laying which would provide durability of a solution and a laying as a whole.

Depending on a kind of a laying and erected designs stone works carry out in the next ways in the winter: freezing, with use protivomoroznyh additives and with electrowarming up application.

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Features of manufacture of works at negative temperature

the Laying in the way of freezing

The Laying on solutions with chemical additives and with the subsequent thawing and warming up

Butobetonnaja a laying

Requirements to installation of modular designs

the Actions spent during the period of thawing of a laying

Safety precautions