Freezing with the subsequent thawing and prigrevom


The Way of erection of stone designs a method of freezing with the subsequent artificial thawing by means of warming up by warm air apply to accelerate building and to conduct painting and decorating in buildings in the winter. At this way a floor warm, i.e. Close all apertures and apertures, and indoors equip time heating. Duration of artificial warming up of designs establish proceeding from demanded stability and durability of a laying which it should have by the period of the subsequent natural thawing. At such way of works the laying of overlying floors does not stop, and designs of underlaying floors get necessary durability and, besides, in process of building erection in it perform all other works.

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Features of manufacture of works at negative temperature

the Laying in the way of freezing

The Laying on solutions with chemical additives and with the subsequent thawing and warming up

Butobetonnaja a laying

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