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The Initial data for a binding of under construction object on district is resulted in the design documentation. Its structure includes a general layout of building of a site and the marking plan which the binding of axes of a projected building or a construction to the signs on a geodetic basis fixed on district or to constant subjects is underlined. Axes focus - sign names of longitudinal and cross-section axes. On the marking plan specify distances between axes and other digital information for carrying out of marking works. Position of the basic points of intersection of axes of the future construction is characterised by figures-co-ordinates, results of linear measurements and the marks (heights) adhered to geodetic points (points), fixed on district.

At erection of several objects for simplification of their binding on district use a building geodetic grid which represents system of squares or the rectangles focused in parallel to the majority of marking axes of constructions. Geodetic points of a building grid fix on district wooden columns, rail or other signs with nakernennoj a point for a theodolite and installation centering nivelirnyh reek. As geodetic points use also reference points and the marks fixed on existing buildings. On the marking plan specify co-ordinates of points of buildings and constructions concerning axes of co-ordinates of a building grid. The building grid forms a basis for breakdown of buildings or constructions on district. Work on breakdown of axes of a building is thus reduced to measurements from the tops of a grid fixed on district.

In process of construction regularly carry out geodetic measurements with which check conformity to the project of erected designs. And also fix possible deviations of actual positions of the basic points of constructions in the plan, and on height of design points. Make executive engineering-geodetic shooting; thus on each stage of building make executive drawings without which the object cannot be accepted the commission to operation. All these geodetic works name current geodetic service of building.

Thus, geodetic works on buildings - an inseparable component of building process.

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