the Geodetic control of installation works


For maintenance of reliability and quality erected buildings and constructions the great value has the constant geodetic control of accuracy of erection of designs, installations of modular elements in design position. Thus stage by stage by kinds of elements, zahvatkam, to floors carry out executive shooting - geodetic check of their actual position in the plan and on height.

Correctness of erection of a laying and installation of modular designs check by means of geodetic devices and templates on earlier put risks and marks. For example, at adjustment of the bases the theodolite is established over an axial sign by old clothes or the extreme base and direct a cross of threads of a pipe at a corresponding sign in the opposite end of a building. Then, gradually turning a pipe, move a cross of threads on all checked bases and fix on them actual position of axes. After adjustment of an axis of the same kind by a roulette measure distance between numbers of the bases and the number bases; thus for reduction of errors a roulette stretch for all length, marking on it an arrangement of the intermediate bases. Cross-section axes of the base check, turning on 90° a pipe of a theodolite which establishes serially in the centre of each base on an axis of the first longitudinal number.

Position of the bases on height supervise a level concerning the time reference points located near to the under construction building. Marks of time reference points establish on the basic reference points of object. The bases level only groups, simultaneously on one or several numbers.

All results of measurements - the valid positions of axes, the sizes between the bases - put on the executive geodetic scheme.

At erection of an elevated part of buildings by means of geodetic devices check vertical position (otvesnost) walls and other designs, horizontal position of overlappings observance of the design sizes between axes of bearing designs (walls).

Vertical position of walls, building corners, i.e. Deviations from their design axes, check a theodolite, transferring marking axes on level of an erected floor the receptions shown on fig. 131. Deviations of actual axes of walls from their design position define gaugings from the transferred axes.

glass Installation under a column: and - lowering into place, - adjustment, 1 - pegs, 2 - risk, 3 - the block

a Fig. 131. Glass installation under a column :
And - lowering into place, - adjustment, 1 - pegs, 2 - risk, 3 - the block

Horizontal position of overlapping check its levelling on corners and in places of crossing of the basic axes of a building. The difference between an average level both the highest and lowest points also is deviations from horizontal position of overlapping.

Before overlapping installation level a laying surface against which panels of overlappings should lean. Proceeding from the highest point and is minimum admissible thickness of a layer of bed from a solution under packing of panels, define an actual mark of level of assembly horizon on which conduct packing of panels of overlapping within house section.

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