Industrial buildings


Industrial buildings build one-storeyed and many-storeyed, and also mixed etazhnosti: with one or several flights. Flight name space in a building, obrazuemoe on all length between two longitudinal walls or two longitudinal numbers of the columns blocked by designs of a covering. On constructive systems distinguish following two types of many-storeyed buildings: beskarkasnye and frame. Beskarkasnye buildings with bearing external and internal walls erect from a brick, small and large-size blocks with an incomplete skeleton, i.e. With bearing external walls and an internal skeleton. The constructive scheme of such buildings is similar to the scheme of the civil; in such buildings there can be one number or some internal bearing columns or columns depending on width of a building. Other scheme of buildings - frame: with a bearing frame skeleton from columns, crossbars (beams), farms, and with self-bearing or not bearing (hinged) external walls. All designs in a building lean against skeleton elements.

The Basic bearing constructive elements of many-storeyed industrial buildings are similar to elements of public buildings and carry out the same functions.

Constructive elements of one-storeyed industrial buildings, both under the forms, and on functional features, considerably differ from inhabited and public buildings. Such buildings erect, as a rule, frame, with hinged stenovymi panels, from easy concrete or other materials. Ferro-concrete panels of walls attach directly to skeleton columns; lungs metal or asbestotsementnye panels krepjat to steel crossbars or other elements of a skeleton of the walls attached to columns.

One-storeyed frame buildings happen multiflying to flights of identical or different width and heights or one-flying. Coverings do flat or skatnye with besfonarnymi or lantern superstructures.

Skeleton Basic elements: columns 3 and 4, beams 6покрытий or stropilnye farms 75 which form flat cross-section frames. Frames establish on distance 6 or 12м from each other. These elements of a skeleton happen steel and ferro-concrete. On frames opirajut longitudinal elements of a skeleton: podkranovye beams 5 on which lay ways for bridge cranes. And also crossbars stenovogo a skeleton (fahverka), used for fastening of window covers 12 and stenovyh protecting panels. In case of vertical razrezki them; ferro-concrete panels of coverings 7 or steel runs of a roof on which lay sheets, profilirovannoj steels, or panels from asbestotsementnyh sheets and other materials. Lanterns 14, which appointment - to provide aeration and illumination of buildings.

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