Influence of quality of seams of a laying on its durability


Good filling of horizontal and vertical seams with a solution, uniform consolidation and an identical thickness of seams, correct bandaging provide high durability of a laying. Poor quality of a laying, application of the solutions which are not corresponding to requirements of the project, can lead to laying destruction.

The thicker the seam, the is more difficult to reach its uniform density and in a greater degree the brick works as that in a laying on a bend and a cut. At thick seams deformation increases and durability of a laying decreases. Therefore for each kind of a laying the certain thickness of the seams which increase reduces durability of designs is established. How much quality of a laying is characterised by uniformity of filling with a solution and consolidations of horizontal seams, it is possible to see on an example of one of tests. Simultaneously from the same brick and a solution highly skilled masons and masons of low qualification carried out a laying. Strength of the laying executed by highly skilled masons, has appeared 5 MPa, masons of low qualification - 2,8 MPa, i.e. In 1,8 times it is less.

The laying Density causes such qualities of stone designs, as high fire resistance, big in comparison with other materials chemical firmness, resistibility to atmospheric influences and, as consequence of it, the big durability. At the same time the big density increases heat conductivity of a laying, therefore quite often external brick walls of buildings it is necessary to do much more thickly, than it is required on durability and stability conditions.

At reduction of density of stone materials with 1800 (a laying from a ceramic brick) to 800kg/sm 2 (stones from cellular concrete) the thickness of walls and requirement for materials decrease on 55 %, and weight of walls - on 80 %. It means that it is favourable to apply materials of lower density to a laying (hollow, porous), possessing good teplotehnicheskimi properties.

On teplotehnicheskie properties of stone designs quality of a laying influences also: walls with seams badly filled with a solution are easily blown and freeze through in the winter.

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