All again accepted in the building organisations can be admitted to work only after introduction (general) instructing in safety precautions, industrial sanitary and rendering of the pre-medical help, and also instructing directly on a workplace.

On introduction instructing rabochihznakomjat with the general harakteromi industrial conditions of the given building, the internal schedule; specify naneobhodimost observance of safety precautions regulations and personal hygiene, tell about individual protective means and an order of using them, electrosecurity rules, first-aid treatment measures in case of accidents.

At instructing on a workplace workers acquaint with their duties on the given work and a workplace. Requirements to the organisation and the workplace maintenance, with principal causes of accidents on the given building and the given works. Acquaint with

  • safety adaptations and protections, their appointment and instructions for use them;

  • service regulations of load-lifting mechanisms and vehicles;

  • rules polzovanijaelektrooborudovaniem and the electrified tool;

  • individual protective means, tools, adaptations;

  • schemes of the alarm system and rules of personal hygiene.

Instructing on a workplace spend at each change of working conditions, transition to new work, or to new building object.

Repeated instructing spend for all workers not less often than an once in three months for periodic examination of safety precautions regulations by workers. Builders should carry out processes in constantly updated conditions:

  • position of a workplace in process of erection zdanijaili constructions varies, move also rabochievmeste with the tool iinventarem;

  • one productions are replaced by others;

  • pojavljajutsjanovye mechanisms, materials, stroitelnyedetali.

It demands strict observance of safe receptions of work and industrial discipline. In these conditions deepening of knowledge of safety precautions regulations, their repetition on instructing have the important preventive value.

Except instructing, not later than three months from the date of transfer of workers in the organisation, carry out training of workers to safe methods and receptions of works. After the training termination, and further, annually the chief engineer of the organisation checks knowledge, methods and receptions of works, and gives out to workers corresponding certificates.

All safety precautions regulations on building should carry out and pupils of technical training colleges, during passage of an industrial practice by them. Thus to verholaznym to works pupils are supposed aged not more youngly 17 years (no more than 3 hours per day for practice passage) under supervision of the master of inservice training or the worker supervising practice.

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