Kinds of furnish of facades


For decorative furnish of walls of the buildings which have been laid out from a brick and other stone materials, and protection against atmospheric influences apply an obverse and decorative laying from a brick, ceramic and natural stones; facing by natural or artificial materials.

The Obverse laying happens two kinds: a laying of a wall and its obverse surface from the same material; an obverse surface of walls - from a special obverse brick or a stone having artificial or natural colouring and smooth or ofakturennye of a surface, and other part of a laying - from private soldiers kladochnyh materials.

Laying Surfaces revet with natural or artificial materials one of next ways: the mortgage plates jammed in a laying (it is carried out simultaneously with a laying of walls); earlier laid out walls revet with prislon th plates or the plates attached to walls by special adaptations (such facing carry out after a laying full deposits). Advantage of facing simultaneously with a laying that surfaces of walls of buildings finish in the course of a laying. At facing of a ready wall quality of furnish of surfaces raises, however, such facing more difficult and labour-consuming performed by. There is a necessity for the device of woods, it is required to prepare specially a surface of walls, to establish fastenings for facing.

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Kinds of furnish of facades

the Obverse laying from a brick and stones

the Decorative laying

the Laying of walls with facing by plates

Requirements to quality of works