the Laying of columns, piers


At a laying of columns, narrow piers and walls with great volume of complicating elements "я =хЁъѕ" divide into two links: "фтющъѕ" and "=Ёющъѕ" and work carry out, as it is described.

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System of bandaging of a laying

Bricklaying Process

Transportation, warehousing, giving and a brick apportion on a wall

Giving, rasstilanie and solution levelling

Ways and sequence of a laying. Kinds rasshivki seams

the Laying of walls and corners

The Laying of columns and piers

the Reinforced bricklaying

The Laying of crosspieces, wells

The Device of deformation seams

The Workplace of masons

The Organization of work of masons

the Stage-by-stage control and requirements to quality of a laying. The general requirements

Features of erection of stone designs in seismodangerous zones

Rules of technical safety