the Laying of columns under logs


At the device of deal floors of the ground floors between a ground and a floor do an underground protecting a floor from soil dampness. Floor boards lay on logs which stack on brick columns section 1 a brick. It is not authorised to apply a silicate brick and the artificial stones which durability decreases at humidifying to a laying of columns.

Columns establish on a dense ground or on the concrete basis. The columns erected on a ground, should be above ground level in an underground on two numbers of a laying.

Prior to the beginning of a laying mark installation sites of columns, and their extreme numbers on which logs along walls will be laid, establish closely to walls, and extreme columns of each number - with a space 1 / 2 a brick.

Columns two masons spread with single-row bandaging 2 categories. One of them prepares a place, displays a brick and submits a solution, another conducts a laying. Laying level check two-metre rejkoj and level which put to columns divergently. The top of columns should settle down at one level set by the project.

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