the Laying on solutions with chemical additives


At introduction in solutions cement knitting, chemical protivomoroznyh additives the temperature of freezing of the water containing in a solution, goes down. Additives also accelerate chemical process tverdenija cement. Thanking these factors a solution accumulates durability at lower temperatures, than usually.

As chemical additives into solutions enter chloride calcium and chloride sodium, carbonic kaly (potash) and sodium nitrate. Application of additives is supposed in a solution for an underground laying from a brick, stones of the correct form and postelistogo butovogo a stone, and also walls and columns of industrial and warehouse buildings if high demands are not made to external furnish of buildings. potash and sodium nitrite it is authorised to use as well for an elevated laying of buildings from a brick, stones and blocks. Application of a solution with additives for a concrete kind of stone designs should be co-ordinated with the design organisation.

Rastvornaja a mix with chemical additives at the moment of packing should have temperature not more low 5°Р. It is forbidden to use frozen, and then otogretyj hot water a solution.

At laying erection watch that the solution has been used before it under the influence of additives will start to seize.

The Laying carry out with observance of all requirements, for a laying in the way of freezing. Bandaging with bandaging of vertical longitudinal seams not less often than through each three numbers is supposed mnogorjadnaja at a laying from a brick and through two numbers at a laying from a ceramic and silicate stone in the thickness 138мм. All seams should be completely filled by a solution.

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