the Laying of walls of the facilitated design


Walls with filling of emptiness with easy concrete are recommended to be spread a link "=Ёющър" consisting of the mason 4... 5th category and two masons of 2nd category. The mason 4. 5th category with one of masons of 2nd category spread internal and external versts. Other mason of 2nd category fills emptiness with concrete and condenses it.

The Working allotment divide into two equal sites. At first on first half of allotment all three persons work. The mason 4... 5th category with the mason of 2nd category spread a wall on height of a belt of a laying, i.e. On an external wall and internal on three numbers, and at an arrangement tychkovyh numbers (diaphragms) vrazbezhku, a laying erect to tychkovogo of some (diaphragm), the second mason of 2nd category helps to submit at this time materials on a wall. Then the mason 4... 5th category with the first mason of 2nd category pass to the second site of an allotment where also carry out a laying on height of one belt of a laying. At this time the second mason of 2nd category on the first site of an allotment fills an interval between longitudinal brick walls a concrete mix and condenses it shtykovaniem. Upon termination of a laying on belt height on the second site the mason 4... 5th category with the first mason of 2nd category come back to a former site; The second mason of 2nd category passes to the second site; where performs the same work, as on the first, etc.

Walls kolodtsevoj erect layings a link "ёх=тхЁър". Two masons (4... 5th and 2nd categories) numbers of an external wall and the cross-section walls, the second pair of masons (too 4 spread verstovye... 5th and 2nd categories) - verstovye numbers of internal and cross-section walls.

Kolodtsevuju conduct a laying on all allotment on height of six numbers, and then masons pass to other allotment. Wells fill dry zasypkoj or shlakobetonom a special link of workers (one worker on four masons).

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