the Laying of walls with facing by plates


Facing of facades of buildings depending on the architectural decision, can be continuous when revet all surface, or partial when revet only elements of facades: socles, corbels, platbands, eaves. Facing can be carried out simultaneously with a laying of walls or after their erection.

At the continuous facing which is carried out simultaneously with a laying, facing plates jam in a laying prokladnymi numbers, krupnorazmernye, for example, concrete plates - skobami, clamped numbers of a laying. At partial facing of walls architectural details establish simultaneously with a laying, and planes of walls, as a rule, revet after laying end. In this case facing fix skobami, hooks and other ways specified in the project, for put in a laying in the course of its erection of a loop, skoby, cores and other details.

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the Laying of walls with facing by plates

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