Lifting and installation of designs


The General rules of lifting of designs consist in the following. Before to give a signal about lifting, the slinger should be convinced that the detail reliably zastropovana and stirs nothing to lifting it; to check up, whether is not present on a design of the loose details, extraneous subjects, whether it can be hooked for something during lifting. It is necessary to be convinced of stability of the crane also. If installation is conducted strelovymi by self-propelled cranes the slinger should make sure under the load-carrying capacity index on a crane arrow that the start of an arrow established by the machinist corresponds to weight of cargo.

Details lift and lower vertically; it is forbidden to tighten a detail the crane, delays or manually. Especially cautiously lift on installation the elements established in cartridges; in this case the most insignificant deviations from a vertical direction at lifting can lead to damage of these devices and elements - to occurrence having chopped off, cracks. It is not authorised to tear off the crane the cargoes which have frozen to the earth, filled up by a ground, encumbered other elements.

Elements at first lift on height 200... 300мм also check correctness stropovki, uniformity of a tension of slings, stability of the crane and action of its brakes and only after that give a signal about the further lifting. If it is necessary to correct slings, cargo lower - it is forbidden to correct stropovku at the lifted cargo.

Signals about lifting and moving of elements in a warehouse are submitted by the slinger, and on a mounted building - zvenevoj. If between them there is no direct visual communication in addition appoint the signaller who should be in a visibility range of slingers and assemblers. All instructions one person (in a warehouse - the slinger, on a building - zvenevoj gives to the machinist of the crane only assemblers). That the machinist of the crane knew, he is obliged to carry out whose commands, the slinger (signaller) and zvenevoj put on the left hand a yellow bandage with an inscription "РшуэрыіЁшъ". Prearranged signals submit signs on a hand either a red or yellow tag (tab. 5). A signal "Р=юя" (the emergency stop) moves any worker who has noticed danger, and the machinist of the crane should stop immediately lifting or cargo lowering, moving of the crane, an arrow etc.

Modular designs of stone buildings establish in design position by way "эр тхёѕ". This way consists that move a design the crane to an installation site, then lower and, without removing slings (on weight), verify and fix in design position. This way is most extended and at installation of designs of other kinds of buildings. It is characteristic that the weight of mounted elements in the course of all installation entirely is perceived by the crane.

Before detail installation podgotovljajut a place for its installation. The basis clear of dust, load it in a box and lower downwards where put on specially taken away place; it is impossible to dump dust downwards is will pollute designs and can cause accident. On the cleared basis spread rastvornuju bed.

The Established detail lower on rastvornuju bed all basic platform. Designs rasstropovyvajut after their fastening on support or to earlier mounted elements. Fastening happens time or constant. Temporarily krepjat designs when are necessary for verifying and checking up their position carefully geodetic devices before to fix definitively. Elements krepjat it is temporary wedges, clamps, in conductors.

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