Manual dismantling


The Bricklaying combined on a limy or mixed solution of low marks, assort by means of pneumatic jackhammers. And also a laying assort electrohammers, with a working part in the form of a flat shovel. A laying assort horizontal numbers, since wall top. A brick clear of a solution the sharp end kirochki just as at teske a brick, and lower on the closed trenches downwards. Rubble received at dismantling pour downwards also on trenches.

For dismantling of the walls combined on strong mixed or cement mortals, apply the mechanisms equipped with hydrohammers (dredges with replaceable working body), and also the cranes equipped with heavy wedges or kernels with which split up a laying.

Butovuju and butobetonnuju break a laying of the bases and walls manually also by means of pneumatic or electric hammers with a shock part in the form of a flat shovel or peaks.

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Tools for dismantling and laying repair

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