the Mixed laying


The laying which carry out from two various materials, for example from buta and a brick, a brick and artificial stones, a brick and natural stones is called as Mixed.

At the mixed laying reliable bandaging of a laying of the basic material and facing should be provided. For this purpose usually lozhkovye facing numbers tie up with a laying of walls tychkovymi numbers. An order of bandaging of the mixed layings specify in the project.

Brick facing butovyh walls tie up tychkami not less often than through everyone 4... 6 lozhkovyh numbers (fig. 92.

the Mixed layings: and - from butovogo a stone and a brick, - from concrete stones and a brick

a Fig. 92. The mixed layings :
And - from butovogo a stone and a brick, - from concrete stones and a brick

The Laying of walls of a cellar or other premises with facing of an inside by a brick is carried out by a link "фтющър" or "=Ёющър" in such sequence. At first spread external verst from butovogo a stone on the party of the wall opposite to brick facing. On the same height spread verst of facing from tychkovogo and lozhkovyh brick numbers; then stack a stone between verst from a stone and brick facing. Further operations repeat, providing thus bandaging tychkovym with a number of bricks which should be clamped on half of length by numbers butovoj layings.

The Laying of walls from concrete stones with facing by a brick (fig. 92, begin with tychkovogo prokladnogo a number from bricks, then stack 1, 2 and 3rd lozhkovye numbers of brick facing, then a number from stones etc. Facing bricks stack in the way vprizhim.

In the mixed laying, the brick plays a role of facing which spread lozhkovymi numbers. For its communication with the basic laying from concrete stones is not more rare than through eight numbers of brick facing it tie up with the basic laying brick tychkovymi numbers (fig. 92. Thus a facing bricklaying carry out with horizontal seams in the average thickness 10см. It provides identical height of eight numbers of facing and three numbers of a laying from the stones having height 188мм, and, hence, possibility of their bandaging.

At a laying of walls from concrete stones (continuous or with slot-hole emptiness) with external facing by a brick materials on a workplace of masons place along a wall under the scheme: a box with a solution, the pallet with a facing brick, the pallet with concrete stones, then again a box with a solution etc.

The Laying of such walls is carried out by a link "=Ёющър". The mason of 4th category spreads brick facing and internal verstovye numbers from stones, and also establishes prichalku and checks correctness of a laying. The first mason of 2nd category submits a brick and a stone on walls and spreads a solution, the second stacks stones in zabutku, and also helps the first mason of 2nd category to submit materials on a wall.

The Mixed laying from legkobetonnyh stones and a brick can be carried out and two links "фтющър". At such organisation of works the first "фтющър" spreads external verst - the facing, the second, moving after the first, - an internal part of a wall from stones.

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