Obshchestroitelnye of work


Obshchestroitelnye of work are subdivided by the form processed materials: earthen, stone, concrete, etc. On erected constructive elements: roofing, plaster, etc.

Earthen works: digging of holes, foundation ditches and tranches under separate support, the tape bases, tranches for underground communications. And also transportation (loading, moving, an unloading) and ground loosening, a lay-out of platforms, vskryshnye works, return zasypka and the device nasypki, ground consolidation.

Pile works: zabivka or immersing of piles, the device of the pile bases.

Stone works: erection of stone designs (walls, piers, columns) from piece stones and blocks, butovoj and butobetonnoj layings, layings from the processed natural stones of the correct form, a brick, artificial stones and large-size blocks.

Concrete and ferro-concrete works - erection of concrete and ferro-concrete designs: preparation of a concrete mix, transportation and its packing with consolidation in the form (timbering). Creation of the conditions necessary for tverdenija of concrete (care of concrete), zamonolichivanie sites and joints between modular elements, etc. At erection of ferro-concrete monolithic designs carry out also opalubochnye works (the timbering device) and armaturnye (installation armaturnyh skeletons in a timbering).

Installation of designs covers delivery to a workplace, installation, adjustment and fastening of ready details and elements (steel, concrete, ferro-concrete, wooden, asbestotsementnyh, etc.).

Plotnichnye and joiner's works on buildings, as a rule, are limited to transportation processes to an installation site and installations of ready details (rafters, windows, doors) or erection of designs from in advance prepared and processed details, elements or materials (boards, bruskov, etc.). These works concern also nastilka board and parquet floors.

Roofing works are the works which are carried out at the device of coverings garret and bescherdachnyh, roofs. In one case a covering do from steel and asbestotsementnyh sheets, in other - on the prepared basis paste rolled materials (roofing felt, pergamin, roofing material).

Separate works: oshtukaturivanie, facing, colouring, pasting by wall-paper of buildings and premises. Plaster works carry out, as a rule, with the mechanised giving and solution drawing, and at small amounts of works - manually. Facing works carry out after end of stone works with application krupnorazmernyh plates and small-sized tiles, and also facing sheet materials. Colouring of designs, pasting by wall-paper, concern painting works. The structure finishing, includes also works on a covering of floors linoleum, plastic.

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