the Obverse laying from a brick and stones


The Obverse laying from a ceramic or silicate brick with rasshivkoj seams - the most widespread way of furnish of facades. An obverse surface of walls spread from a perfect whole brick or stones with correct edges and corners, and other part of a laying - from usual stones or a brick. The brick or stones for facing select identical tone of colouring. A laying carry out, as a rule, with application mnogorjadnoj bandaging systems. A facing layer tie up with the basic wall, stacking tychkovye numbers in an obverse layer, through everyone five lozhkovyh laying numbers.

The Obverse laying apply both for external, and to internal walls vestibjulej, staircases etc. Seams of an obverse laying should have an identical thickness and to be accurately embroidered.

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the Obverse laying from a brick and stones

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