Partitions and fillings of apertures from glass blocks


Sveto-transparent protections and partitions arrange from hollow glass blocks in apartment houses, industrial and public buildings (fig. 95. Blocks possess high teplotehnicheskimi qualities and good sound insulation, they are durable and hygienic, and partitions or fillings of apertures from them are convenient in operation, do not change appearance under the influence of atmospheric conditions, easily wash and provide good light exposure of premises.

the Laying from glass blocks: and - laying process, - a fragment stekloblochnoj partitions; 1 - a brick socle, 2 - steel obvjazka, 3 - reinforcing cores, 4 - a solution

a Fig. 95. A laying from glass blocks :
And - laying process, - a fragment stekloblochnoj partitions; 1 - a brick socle, 2 - steel obvjazka, 3 - reinforcing cores, 4 - a solution

Blocks establish in apertures or partitions on an edge on a cement or cement-limy solution without bandaging of seams, having between brick walls, ferro-concrete or other bearing designs of buildings. At the big sizes of apertures blocks tie up a metal either ferro-concrete skeleton (covers) or cores. Ways of fastening are specified in projects.

Seams between blocks do equal on a thickness to bricklaying seams, but not less than 8... 10мм - at reduction of their thickness they are badly filled with a solution that is reflected in durability of a protection. It is the most difficult to fill vertical seams. Here, as well as at packing of ceramic blocks, use a method of preliminary drawing of a solution on a glass block side (fig. 95.dalee cut a solution, squeezed out from horizontal and vertical seams. Apply also other way: establish a number of blocks on bed from a solution, vertical seams between them coat outside with a plaster solution, and then fill in in them a liquid cement mortal. For solution consolidation between blocks it is recommended to embroider seams: the seams between blocks, the more strongly a design are more dense. It is especially necessary to condense seams at a laying of external protecting designs; On it depend teplotehnicheskie qualities of a protection, besides, in leaky seams the moisture which, freezing can accumulate, destroys a laying.

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