Partitions from plaster plates


Partitions arrange in apartment houses and other buildings. Interroom partitions do double, with an air layer, interroom partitions, do unary. Plates establish on a plaster solution with displacement of vertical seams in adjacent numbers.

The Basis under a partition prepare and level beforehand. Then at walls between which will spread a partition, establish and fix porjadovki. A cord-prichalku pull at height of the first row of plates from the basis levelled by a solution so that its edge was in a partition plane. Plates of the same kind display along an installation site of a partition and is direct on a workplace prepare a plaster solution as follows. In a box fall asleep plaster in the quantity necessary for preparation of a solution on one number of plates. Pour water together with zamedlitelem shvatyvanija and weight mix. The ready solution should have a consistence of dense sour cream. It is necessary for using during 15... 20мин as plaster quickly seizes. If the solution has seized to plant with its water and it is impossible to apply again as it will not possess any more necessary knitting properties and durability.

Before installation of plates the mason spreads a solution on bed, takes a plate, puts its end face upwards, the solution a plaster shovel scoops from a box and spreads its equal layer on a lateral side of a plate (fig. 94. Then the mason turns a plate on 90° also puts on rastvornuju bed, densely driving into the corner or to earlier established plate (fig. 94,). The squeezed out solution cut kelmoj, level a plate on a cord and establish the following plate. Having established the first row, check correctness of installation of a partition, fill empty seams with a solution and smooth out them kelmoj. And the subsequent numbers of plates establish the second in the same sequence, observing bandaging of seams.

Position of established plates in a vertical plane check a plumb and a rule.

To full shvatyvanija a solution a surface of plates clear from naplyvshego a solution and smooth steel tsiklej in the size 150Х80Х 1,5мм (on one of the long parties tsikli teeths in height 2,5мм with step 2мм are made). TSiklju at work hold across a seam, opiraja simultaneously on two plates. It is not necessary to press strongly on tsiklju not to displace already established plates.

Into a partition with an aperture after installation of the second row of plates insert a door box. It fix in the course of a partition laying wooden stoppers which put between plates in three places on box height. A backlash between plates and a box, and also installation sites of wooden stoppers fill with a plaster solution.

Crosspieces over doorways do of plaster plates which stack symmetrically concerning an axis of an aperture with observance corrected bandagings of seams.

The Top numbers of plates of a partition establish with inventory portable podmostej. Between a ceiling and top of last number of plates leave a backlash 15... 20мм for indemnification possible a design deposit. In further it prokonopachivajut a tow moistened with a plaster solution.

Interfaces of partitions carry out with observance of rules of bandaging of plates, putting, in horizontal seams of interfaced partitions of communication and anchors from steel cores in diameter 4... 6мм, preliminary covered with a bitumen or asphalt varnish. To an external wall a partition krepjat ruffs in 2... 3 places on wall height. In this level in horizontal seams of a partition stack a steel 4-millimetric wire on all length of a partition for stability maintenance.

At the device of partitions in premises use templates (fig. 94. The template consists of two tubular racks and horizontal rejki 2 which length can be changed depending on the sizes of a partition. Rejka leans against two metal arms 3, which can be moved on tubular racks, fixing at the demanded height lock screws. Racks are supplied by screw jacks 4, with which at installation fix a template. Template racks place on distance 250... 300мм from walls also mark the locations of doorways. After plates of the same kind will be established and verified, horizontal rejku lift on plate height (300... 400мм) and on it establish plates of a following number. Partitions from pazogrebnevyh the calibrated plates erect the same receptions, but pazogrebnevye plates establish "эрёѕ§ю" with bandaging observance.

the Laying of partitions from plaster plates: and - solution drawing on a lateral side of a plate, - plate installation, in - a partition laying on a template; 1 - a rack, 2 - rejka, 3 - an arm, 4 - a screw jack

a Fig. 94. A laying of partitions from plaster plates :
And - solution drawing on a lateral side of a plate, - plate installation, in - a partition laying on a template;
1 - a rack, 2 - rejka, 3 - an arm, 4 - a screw jack

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