Piers in width to 1м spread on three-row system of a binding (fig. 53, and, and width more than 4 bricks are supposed to spread and on mnogorjadnoj to system. At three-row bandaging for formation in piers of quarters in the first tychkovom to a number stack chetvertki, and in lozhkovyh numbers - halves.

Columns and piers are usually loaded more than other designs, therefore they are not authorised to be spread vpustoshovku. Incomplete filling only vertical seams on depth to 10мм from an obverse surface is supposed. Columns and piers in width 2 1 / 2 a brick and less spread only from a perfect whole brick.

Three-row system of bandaging at a laying of piers section: and - 2 x 3 bricks, - 2 x 3 1/2 bricks

a Fig. 53. Three-row system of bandaging at a laying of piers section :
And - 2 x 3 bricks, - 2 x 3 1 / 2 a brick

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