Preparation of elements for lifting


The Assemblers working in a warehouse of ferro-concrete designs (slingers), by preparation of elements check their quality.

At external survey make sure that on concrete is not present having chopped off and cracks, assembly loops are serviceable; find out, whether pognuty armature releases, whether there are no concrete flows on mortgage metal details, in shtrabah, nests for assembly loops. Details with cracks and other defects exceeding admissions, by means of the crane transfer to a stack with a label "…Ёръ".

Pognutye armature releases is better to correct unprofitable armaturnym a key. Thus watch to admitting skalyvanija some concrete about a core. Concrete flows delete skarpelem and a hammer; mortgage details in addition smooth out a metal brush.

The Dirt, snow and naled clean off a brush, scratch out a scraper, and then will sweep away a broom; it is not authorised to kindle snow and ice hot water, to apply a fire way to removal naledi from a surface of the panels having teploizoljatsionnye loose leaves or containing combustible materials.

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Preparation of elements for lifting. Stropovka

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