the Punched hole of apertures, nests, furrows


Before a punched hole of apertures mark their position and if it is necessary, establish podmosti such height that the punched hole place was at level of a breast of the worker: in such position it is more convenient and easier to work.

Apertures for electric cables and pipes in diameter to 40мм bore through by electric drilling car or punch shljamburom. The sawtooth end shljambura put to the planned place (shljambur hold perpendicularly to a wall) and, striking a sledge hammer on a blunt end, periodically turn it round an axis that it has not appeared hammered into a laying like the probe. Periodically shljambur take out from a nest and clear of brick and dust slices.

Rectangular apertures punch skarpelem, a jackhammer or an electrohammer, since the top part of an aperture. At first beat out the top brick, splitting it skarpelem and an easy sledge hammer. Then, hammering skarpel under bed, or into a vertical seam, beat out the following brick etc.

At thick walls of an aperture it is expedient to punch at first on the one hand on half of thickness of a wall, and then with another.

Furrows punch as follows. At first on one of its ends do a nest on furrow section, then consistently beat out other bricks on the planned line. If in the course of work it is necessary to beat out not the whole brick, and its part on a line otkola a brick at first do a notch, striking a sledge hammer on skarpelju, and then already beat out a brick. Narrow furrows - grooves - cut in a laying borozdodelom, it drill nests in diameter to 75мм.

Before a punched hole of the big apertures and apertures at first over the marked aperture (fig. 150) do from both parties of a wall of a furrow by depth 1 / 2 a brick. In furrows put ferro-concrete crosspieces or steel beams 1 of a channel; the length of put pieces - on 500мм is more than width of an aperture. Beams pull together among themselves with bolts 2 on the ends and in flight through 1... 1,5м. Intervals between top of beams and a laying zachekanivajut a rigid cement mortal and after its hardening start to punch an aperture from top to down. At first from both parties below a crosspiece lay furrows. Then, deepening and expanding them, do in a wall a through crack for width of an aperture, and break a laying numbers further, applying the usual manual or mechanised tool.

Podvodka and zadelka steel beams at an aperture punched hole: 1 - the beams established in the punched furrow, 2 - coupling bolts, 3 - a basic lining, 4 - a broken part of a laying

a Fig. 150. podvodka and zadelka steel beams at an aperture punched hole :
1 - the beams established in the punched furrow, 2 - coupling bolts, 3 - a basic lining, 4 - a broken part of a laying

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