Rasstilanie and solution levelling on bed


At performance of a bricklaying a solution spread a uniform layer on a thickness as on it depends, whether will be identical obzhatie and solution density in a laying. However quality of a bricklaying depends not only on correctness rasstilanija and solution levelings on bed, but also from its properties. For example, solutions limy, mixed cement-limy, or mixed cement-clay, possessing the big plasticity, are easily spread, levelled on a laying and in regular intervals condensed at brick packing. Cement mortals are less plastic, they are more difficult for spreading and levelling. For increase of plasticity of cement mortals in them add plastifitsirujushchie additives in the course of preparation on rastvorosmesitelnoj to installation. Plastifitsirovannye solutions are more slowly stratified and after drawing on the porous basis poorly give water that provides tverdenie knitting substance in solutions in normal terms.

Directly ahead of giving on a wall a solution mix, that it became homogeneous as while it lies in a box, heavy particles (sand) settle also a solution is stratified.

Mobility of a solution for a laying of walls and columns from a ceramic or silicate brick depending on a way of a laying, a kind and a brick condition, should be characterised by immersing of a reference cone on 9... 13см. At a laying of walls from a poristo-hollow and hollow brick apply a solution mobility no more than 7... 8см to prevent its losses at zatekanii in emptiness of a brick, and to avoid deterioration teplotehnicheskih properties.

For giving and rasstilanija a solution on a wall use rastvornoj a shovel (fig. 21 see).

Tools for a bricklaying: and - kelma, - rastvornaja a shovel, in - rasshivka for convex and concave seams, g - a hammer-kirochka, d - shvabrovka

a Fig. 21. Tools for a bricklaying :
And - kelma, - rastvornaja a shovel, in - rasshivka for convex and concave seams, g - a hammer-kirochka, d - shvabrovka

The Mason of 2nd category submits a solution on a wall. It spreads a solution a bed of the certain form and width: 80... 100мм - for lozhkovogo verstovogo, 200... 200мм - for tychkovogo numbers. The portions of a solution submitted on a wall, spread rastvornoj a shovel a continuous equal layer that at packing of bricks it was required less efforts for its levelling kelmoj. At a laying vpus-toshovku, i.e. When seams leave blank on depth 10... 15мм from an external surface of a wall, a solution spread with a space on behalf of verst on 20... 30мм; at a laying with filling - from an obverse surface of a wall on 10... 15мм. The thickness of a bed of the solution laid on a wall, on the average should be 20... 25мм. It provides at packing of a brick a thickness of a seam 10... 12мм. Definitively the mason levels rastvornuju bed kelmoj in the course of a laying.

At a laying of walls a solution spread under lozhkovye numbers (fig. 33, through a lateral side of a shovel, and under tychkovye - through its first line; rastvornuju a bed level a forward edge of a shovel. Thanks to it the solution bed is formed uniform on a thickness.

At a laying zabutki a solution outlined in "ъюЁ№=ю" formed between versts, also level a forward edge of a shovel.

At a laying of separate columns of small section (to 3X4 a brick) a solution submit on the column middle, and then spread and level kelmoj on all number in the course of brick packing. At a laying of columns of the big section a solution spread the same as and at erection of walls by a shovel.

On sites of walls with a great number of smoke and ventilating channels a solution between channels spread kelmoj, and it take from a continuous part of a wall or from internal verst where a solution submit in advance.

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