Requirements to installation of modular designs


Modular ferro-concrete designs mount the same methods, as in the summer in the winter. About carrying out of the additional actions providing successful performance of works and stability of designs, erected at negative temperatures, in projects instructions and recommendations are given. Mark and solution structure on which modular elements should be established, also are specified in the project.

During transportation and in a warehouse carefully protect from humidifying and naledi details from easy concrete, and also open places of warming layers of panels and joined surfaces of elements of modular designs. It speaks that saturation of easy concrete or a heater water worsens teplotehnicheskie properties of protecting designs, and clearing of the iced over joined surfaces before installation, drying of joints at hermetic sealing - expensive and labour-consuming operations. If zamonolichivat joints with crude from ice and snow surfaces, unreliable connection turns out.

At installation of the designs established on a solution, its temperature at the moment of packing should be same, as well as for a winter stone laying. It is recommended to use adapted for work in the winter the stock protecting a solution from fast cooling on workplaces.

The Solution spread on bed directly ahead of installation of elements to receive good obzhatie a solution in a seam. The thickness of assembly seams should correspond design as its increase sharply reduces durability of a construction, creates danger non-uniform a deposit of designs at thawing of a solution in the spring and their deformations.

Joints of modular ferro-concrete elements close up taking into account what they will perceive loading. The joints which are not perceiving settlement efforts, zamonolichivajut a mark solution not more low 50 or a poor mix (it is supposed with the additive potasha). Before zamonolichivaniem connected surfaces clear of dust, snow, naledi and warm podvergshiesja to a place icing. A solution or a concrete mix with the additive potasha stack with level-by-level consolidation. The joints perceiving settlement efforts, zamonolichivajut a solution and a concrete mix of the structure specified in the project with preliminary warming up of a joint and the subsequent keeping of concrete by way of a thermos or artificial warming up (electrowarming up). The joints having metal parts, it is possible zamonolichivat also solutions and concrete mixes with chemical additives if it is recommended in the project.

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