Requirements to quality of installation


At installation of the modular bases supervise bandaging and a thickness of seams between them, filling of seams and grooves between blocks, and also seams between overlapping plates; vertical position and straightforwardness of surfaces and corners of walls; correctness of the device of deformation seams. In particular, it is impossible to suppose, that at first row packing stenovyh blocks of a cellar seams between them coincided with seams between base blocks. Bandaging here should be same, as well as between stenovymi blocks of cellars, i.e. Vertical seams in adjacent numbers displace not less than on 1 / 4 lengths of the block.

Modular designs establish on a cement mortal. A solution use prior to the beginning shvatyvanija - it cannot be diluted with water. On a workplace before rasstilaniem lay a solution shovel.

Walls of cellars from concrete blocks should have a thickness of horizontal seams to 15мм, and a thickness of separate seams no more 20мм and not less 10мм.

Deviations of numbers of a block laying from a horizontal at length 10м are supposed in limits 15мм, and in the sizes of apertures - no more +15мм, thus reduction of width of apertures, not design, it is not supposed. Deviations of surfaces and corners of a block laying from a vertical within one floor should not exceed 10мм.

Vertical position of blocks verify on a rejke-plumb. For this purpose it put to a block surface so that the arm has leant an edge against the top end face of the block, and the bottom and top emphasis of a rejki-plumb concerned with end faces of a checked surface. Vertical position of a surface supervise, comparing with a scale size of a deviation of a plumb from average position.

Displacement of axes of the bases is supposed on ±10, and axes of beams, crossbars - no more yo 5мм.

At installation of modular elements of overlappings, ladders, balconies watch that on a course of installation and at acceptance of the executed works basic parts of designs have been established according to the project. If width of basic platforms of runs, plates of overlapping or other elements less design designs can fall.

That errors of installation, a deviation of position of designs from design could be corrected in the course of building erection, it is necessary to check after installation of overlapping of each floor geodetic devices horizon and an arrangement of axes of bearing designs of a building. Results poetazhnoj checks of designs register works. According to the check scheme mark axes and installation sites of designs for a following floor.

Deviations of designs from design marks (on height) and from design axes correct at installation of the subsequent floors. If these deviations exceed supposed, a question on the further manufacture of works and ways of correction of defects solve with participation of the design organisation.

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Requirements to quality of installation