Requirements to quality of works


Obverse and decorative layings - rational ways of furnish of a surface of walls and other stone designs. Therefore to their quality show besides key rules and requirements special - to horizontal position, vertical position and an identical thickness of seams. Bricks of an obverse surface of a laying should have equal sides, without okolov, a pure surface and an identical colour shade. Check quality of a laying receptions and the tools described in the head.

Facing by ceramic plates simultaneously with a laying of walls is carried out on the same solution, as a laying of walls, but by marks not more low 25. Revet walls prislonnymi with the ceramic plates strengthened on a solution without constructive bandaging with a laying, on portlandtsementnom a mark solution not more low 50.

Mobility of a solution supervise in the course of works, it should be no more 7см (immersing of a standard cone), and for filling of a vertical backlash between a wall and a tile, in case of fastening of plates on steel communications - no more 8см.

The Thickness of seams at facing by plates do same, as in a bricklaying. All seams in facing of the finished building should be filled by a solution and are embroidered.

Deviations of facing surfaces from a vertical, defined by a plumb, should not exceed for walls from a brick, concrete and other stones of the correct form 10мм on a floor and 30мм on all building.

A facing Surface check control rejkoj in the length 2м; gleams between rejkoj and the revetted surface should not exceed 5мм. Vyshcherbiny, jags and skoly corners of facing plates on facades are supposed no more than 1... 2мм.

Between a laying and details of window and door platbands, and also between facing and architectural belts backlashes should not exceed 10мм, and them necessarily close up a solution.

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Requirements to quality of works