Requirements to quality of works


The Cement or asphalt waterproofing coupler should lie a continuous equal layer and not have otsloeny and cracks. The found out defective places clear away and correct.

The Bases under a painting or rolled waterproofing should not have roughnesses more 5мм on a horizontal surface and 10мм - on vertical (them find out imposing three-metre rejki).

The Surface under a painting waterproofing level, dry and ogruntovyvajut. The subsequent layers no more 2мм put in the thickness after drying and hardening before put and checks of their quality.

The Finished painting waterproofing should be continuous - without bowls, cracks, swellings and otsloeny. At detection of defective sites them clear away, dry and cover anew.

Before gluing of a rolled waterproofing the basis carefully clear, dry up and ogruntovyvajut.

All layers okleechnoj waterproofings should be stuck densely together among themselves and with the basis. Joints of the pasted panels have vrazbezhku (not more close 30см) and proshpaklevyvajut hot mastic. Bubbles, swellings and folds of an isolating layer are inadmissible. Such defective places clear away and close up, and then paste additional izoljatsionnyj a layer.

Reliability and durability of a waterproofing in many respects depends on quality of the executed works. Waterproofing works are hidden, therefore at each finished stage them accept under the certificate in which specify quality and certify absence of defects.

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