Rules of performance of a laying and the requirement to its quality


Butovye start to spread the bases with the lowered sites. Transition from one depth zalozhenija the base to another carry out ledges according to project instructions. Thus in each ledge should be not less than two numbers of a laying that makes depending on krupnosti a stone 35... 60см. Stones of the top number of each ledge tie up with an overlying laying.

a Fig. 84. Permissible deviations at a laying of the bases from butovogo a stone
(shtrihpunktirnymi lines designate borders of permissible deviations)

The Laying conduct circles on 0,8. 1,0 m. Thus the rupture height on borders of sites of a laying should be no more 1,2м. Ruptures spread in a kind ubezhnoj shtraby the ledges, concerning heights by the length 1:2 or 1:1.

Breaks in work by manufacture butovoj layings are supposed only after filling with a solution of intervals between stones of last laid out number. Surfaces of stones of this number cover with a solution only at laying renewal. In dry hot and windy weather for the period of a break butovuju a laying protect from fast drying by boards or rolled materials.

In butobetonnye the bases stack the stones cleared of a dirt and fragments, differently they will not have strong coupling with concrete. In dry weather fragments before packing in a concrete mix water. Ruptures butobetonnoj between adjacent sites carry out layings in the form of ledges - poslojno, just as at butovoj to a laying.

To provide solidity butobetonnoj layings, breaks in work at its erection arrange only after vtaplivanija stones in the top layer of a concrete mix and its consolidation. At breaks in a laying in a dry flying weather a laying 3... 4 times a day humidify, watering.

Quality of a laying from buta and butobetona check by means of the same measuring tools and the same receptions, as quality of a bricklaying. The laying executed with infringement of permissible deviations, is subject to correction. In these cases the question on laying continuation is solved by the design organisation.

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Butovaja a laying

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Rules of performance of a laying and the requirement to its quality