Safety precautions


By manufacture stone and installation works observe the same safety precautions regulations, as in the summer in the winter. Besides, in due time clear woods, podmosti and step-ladders from snow and naledi, and if necessary sand. It is impossible to establish podmosti on the overlappings not cleared of snow or a ground.

At erection of a laying with electrowarming up application it is impossible to work on those sites where the design is energised. Pressure is authorised to be included only after the termination of a laying and installation of the warning signs forbidding access to a dangerous zone.

The Workers occupied with erection of a laying in the open air, should be supplied by warm clothes. Depending on weather (the frost, a wind) give them time for heating in a warm premise.

The Workers preparing solutions with chemical additives, pass special instructing about features of these works. Because chemical additives possess different degree of harm and have excellent from each other properties, instructing of workers about security measures spend before application of each new chemical additive. Premises in which prepare solutions, should have good ventilation.

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Safety precautions