Safety precautions


To dismantling and restoration of designs of workers suppose only after preliminary instructing in safety precautions. Before the beginning of works the responsible head focuses attention of workers on possible dangers at performance of these works, ways and the receptions providing their safety.

Buildings assort under constant supervision of the master or the manufacturer of works and in such sequence at which removal of one any part will not cause a collapse another.

It is forbidden to assort simultaneously designs within two or more circles (floors) on one vertical irrespective of presence of overlappings between them.

If in walls or overlappings it is necessary to punch shtraby and apertures it is possible to start these works only in the event that under in places of a punched hole there are no people. Extra care observe at dismantling of eaves and other hanging down parts of a building.

Workers are forbidden to be on assorted walls of a building even if they are adhered by safety belts to steady parts of a building.

Stone designs quite often assort in the way are shaky. In this case territory on which will bring down walls or other designs, clear and protect.

At dismantling of stone walls a lot of dust is formed. Therefore it is necessary to moisten with water, both an assorted laying, and formed heaps of rubble and dust.

By the mechanised working out a dangerous zone round an assorted building protect and supply with precautionary inscriptions. The cabin of the machinist should be protected a grid from possible hit of the broken away particles of a laying.

To works with the electrified and pneumatic tool the workers who have passed special training are supposed only.

During all period of works on leading of the bases the technicians should watch a condition of walls and beacons in due time to take measures against possible deformations and a deposit of overlying designs.

The Workers directly participating in dismantling and repair of stone designs, should use individual protective adaptations: mittens, overalls, respirators, points with unbreakable glasses.

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