Safety precautions regulations


Prior to the beginning and during a laying of the bases check durability of fastenings of walls of tranches and foundation ditches.

In the absence of fastenings in trenches and foundation ditches or at the fastenings which have been not calculated on loadings from materials, stacks of stones have outside of a prism of a collapse of a ground.

The Distance from brovki a slope or fastenings of tranches (foundation ditch) to stacks of materials is defined by the master or the construction superintendent. At work in trenches or foundation ditches watch, that brovki have been released from materials on width not less 50см. Stones submit to a trench on trenches when nearby in trenches there are no workers. It is not supposed to dump stones in a trench.

Fastenings of walls of foundation ditches and tranches delete in process of erection of the bases. Bottom rasporki remove only after installation top, on height only one or two bottom fixing boards, differently a ground simultaneously take out can fall.

For descent of workers in trenches (foundation ditches), and also for their lifting on podmosti establish step-ladders in width 0,75м or ladders with a handrail. In the winter they regularly clear from naledi and snow.

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Butovaja a laying

Butobetonnaja a laying

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