Safety precautions regulations


At work with hot bitumen mastics it is necessary to observe the rules preventing burns.

Coppers for bitumen cooking establish on the levelled platforms which placing is specified in the project of manufacture of works. That liquid bitumen did not get to fire (in cases of fire heating), a copper establish with a small bias aside, opposite to a fire chamber. Directly with a copper place a box with sand and the fire extinguisher.

At cooking of bitumen mastics observe rules of mixing of bitumens of different marks: at first rasplavljajut in a copper bitumen of low mark and after foam formation will stop, bitumens of higher marks add. In the fused bitumen it is impossible to add bitumen of low marks as it can lead to the big foaming and copper contents will be splashed out. Bitumen pieces lower in a cooking copper on a copper board to avoid splashes. It is impossible to load a copper of bitumens more than on 2 / 3 its volume.

That hot mastics were not spilt, them transfer in konusnyh tanks with covers; tanks fill on 3 1 / 4 volume. Descent and lifting to workplaces of tanks with hot mastics should be mechanised.

For work with hot mastics workers should put on canvas mittens and suits, points and leather boots.

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Safety precautions regulations