Sanitary-engineering cabins


Sanitary-engineering cabins establish on the basis, from the calcinated sand under which enclose a waterproofing course from rolled materials.

At installation of sanitary-engineering cabins (fig. 146) conformity of position of releases of pipes of the communications, an established cabin and before established on a ground floor check. Then supervise vertical position of all four sides of the block naveshivaniem a rejki-plumb. The overestimated corner of a sanitary-engineering cabin lower, moving its breakage some times in mutually opposite on boards.

Installation of sanitary-engineering cabins: and - installation of cabins, - rihtovka and adjustment

a Fig. 146. Installation of sanitary-engineering cabins :
And - installation of cabins, - rihtovka and adjustment

Thus watch, that connections of sanitary-1 technical struts were combined. Rihtovku cabins carry out at the tense slings.

Installation of elements liftovyh mines (fig. 147). Under elements of mine of the lift arrange bed from a solution. In front of the bed device remove the boards closing an aperture liftovoj of mine. Besides, check, whether any works are conducted in mine. One of assemblers submits a solution a shovel, and another levels it on face sides before the established element. In bed on one of the long parties of mine vtaplivajut two marks, which top should correspond to assembly horizon, and on an opposite side - one or two wedges. The top of wedges should be a little above assembly horizon.

Installation of blocks liftovyh mines: and - navodka and lowering, - rihtovka, in - adjustment and welding of joints; 1 - a solution layer, 2 - adjusting risks, 3 - the mine block, 4 - a template, 5 - a rejka-plumb

a Fig. 147. Installation of blocks liftovyh mines :
And - navodka and lowering, - rihtovka, in - adjustment and welding of joints;
1 - a solution layer, 2 - adjusting risks, 3 - the mine block, 4 - a template, 5 - a rejka-plumb

At lowering to the place of a volume element of mine assemblers, holding it for opposite sides, check correctness of its landing to a place on in advance made risks 2 on I overlapping. For liftovyh mines it is necessary, that sides of the established and established elements were combined. In case of need amend situation of a bottom of an element assembly lomami. If the element liftovoj mines is warped in a plane of marks it lift, replace one of marks and then the block establish again. In other vertical plane blocks lead up to a vertical, gradually pulling out a wedge and if necessary hanging out a detail by means of an assembly breakage. Such reception provides dense filling of a horizontal seam with a solution. Vertical position of the established block check a rejkoj-plumb on all four parties.

Volume elements rasstropovyvajut after their definitive adjustment from a step-ladder. Constant fastening carry out, welding mortgage parts of volume elements.

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