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Stone works
Data on parts of buildings and manufacture of civil work
the General data on a stone laying
the Bricklaying
Butovaja and butobetonnaja layings
the Laying from ceramic and artificial stones
the Obverse laying and facing of walls
the Waterproofing of stone designs
Geodetic works on buildings
Installation works at erection of stone buildings
Manufacture stone and installation works in the winter
Repair of stone designs and their restoration
the manufacture and work Organization on buildings
Safety precautions and fire-prevention actions on building
Requirements to buildings
Basic elements of buildings
Constructive schemes of buildings
Frame buildings
Industrial buildings
Building labour process
Working links
Kinds of civil and erection works
Obshchestroitelnye of work
Special works
Transport and pogruzo-discharging
Kinds and appointment of a stone laying
Rules razrezki
Elements of a stone laying
Durability and stability of a stone laying
Influence of properties of a solution on durability of a laying
Influence of the sizes and the form of stone materials on durability of a laying
Influence of quality of seams of a laying on its durability
System of bandaging of a laying
bricklaying Process
Tools and adaptations
Transportation and giving
a brick Apportion on a wall
solution Giving on a workplace
Rasstilanie and solution levelling on bed
Ways and sequence of a laying. Kinds rasshivki seams
Kinds rasshivki seams
Sequence of a laying
the Laying of walls and corners
the Laying of walls at filling of skeletons
the Laying of columns under logs
the Reinforced bricklaying
the Facilitated kirpichno-concrete laying
Kirpichno-concrete ankernaja a laying
Facilitated kolodtsevaja a laying
the Facilitated laying with three-row brick diaphragms
Kolodtsevaja a laying with walls in 1/4 bricks
the Laying of crosspieces
a well Laying
Sedimentary seams
Temperature seams
the Workplace
the Laying of brick walls
the Laying of columns, piers
the Laying of walls of the facilitated design
Calculation of the size of an allotment
the Stage-by-stage control and requirements to quality of a laying
Erection of designs in seismodangerous zones
Rules of technical safety
Butovaja a laying
Butobetonnaja a laying
the Organization of works at erection butovyh and butobetonnyh the bases
Rules of performance of a laying and the requirement to its quality
Safety precautions regulations
the Laying from ceramic and hollow stones
the Laying of walls from concrete and natural stones
the Mixed laying
Brick partitions
Partitions from plaster plates
Partitions and fillings of apertures from glass blocks
Requirements to quality of packing
Kinds of furnish of facades
the Obverse laying from a brick and stones
the Facing obverse laying
the Decorative laying
Walls with architectural details
the Laying of walls with facing by plates
Facing simultaneously with a laying
Facing of the laid out walls
Requirements to quality of works
Kinds and waterproofing appointment
Preparation of mastics
the waterproofing Device
Requirements to quality of works
Safety precautions regulations
the General data
Geodetic devices and tools
Breakdown in the plan
Vertical breakdown
the Marking (transferring) of axes of an elevated part
Geodetic quality assurance of civil and erection works
the General data and requirements
Assembly mechanisms
Assembly adaptations
Acceptance and warehousing of modular designs
Preparation of elements for lifting
Lifting and installation of designs
Installation of the bases and walls of cellars
Installation of the bases
Installation of walls of a cellar
the Organization of works
Ladder marches and platforms
Balcony plates
Installation of large-panel partitions
Installation of overlappings
Installation of sanitary-engineering cabins, a refuse chute, liftovyh mines
Sanitary-engineering cabins
Installation of pipes of a refuse chute
Requirements to quality of installation
Features of manufacture of works at negative temperature
the Laying in the way of freezing
the Laying on solutions with chemical additives
Freezing with the subsequent thawing and prigrevom
Butobetonnaja a laying
the Way of a thermos
Requirements to installation of modular designs
the Actions spent during the period of thawing of a laying
Safety precautions
Tools for dismantling and laying repair
Ways of dismantling
Manual dismantling
the Mechanized dismantling
the Punched hole of apertures, nests, furrows
Zadelka of apertures
Zadelka of beams
Zadelka of cracks
Strengthening and podvodka the bases
facing Repair
Safety precautions
Engineering specifications on manufacture of works on building of buildings
Management of building manufacture
the work Organization
the Organization of manufacture of works at erection of buildings
the General data
Actions for safety precautions on buildings