Transportation and giving


For reduction of losses of a brick at loading and increase of labour productivity the brick and other stone materials transport packages on pallets or in containers.

Pallets for stenovyh materials apply two types: on bruskah (fig. 25, derevometallicheskie in the size 600X1915 or 520X1740мм for a silicate brick or with hooks (fig. 25,) for a ceramic brick, for ceramic and shlakobetonnyh stones the size of the pallet 520 X 1030мм. On the pallet stack 200 ceramic and to 450 silicate bricks.

Packing on pallets of a brick with bandaging: and, - cross, in - "т хыъѕ"

a Fig. 26. Packing on pallets of a brick with bandaging :
And, - cross, in - "т хыъѕ"

The Brick on the pallet have with cross bandaging (fig. 26, and, and "т хыъѕ" (fig. 25,). At bandaging "т хыъѕ" a brick stack with an inclination to the package centre at an angle 45° therefore the package does not collapse by transportation. It allows to use for transportation of packages usual cars without additional boards and fastenings. A lack of packages "т хыъѕ" that at brick packing labour expenses a little increase by pallets and its giving from the pallet on a wall.

Packages with pallets on bruskah are recommended to be loaded on vehicles vilochnym grab, and with hooks - kleshchevym grab. To unloading and giving on workplaces of packages with pallets on bruskah apply grab-case (fig. 27), and with hooks - capture-case. Case walls have below rods for which hook on hooks of pallets when put on a case a package.

Grab-case: 1 - zahvatnye levers with a wall, 2 - an axis, 3 - the pallet with a brick

a Fig. 27. Grab-case :
1 - zahvatnye levers with a wall, 2 - an axis, 3 - the pallet with a brick

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